Wizard’s Arcade Update #3

“Wizard’s Arcade” Update #3:


I promise that Wizard’s Arcade will not be just another status quo pinball machine. This game will not only have a 1080p monitor and RGB LEDs for lighting (which both should already be industry standards), this game will also use a new design philosophy, which I will be covering with the next several updates.

This new design philosophy is best described as being a new recipe for creating a pinball machine. Today, I will cover first ingredient in this recipe. 

The “Menu” button.

Adding a very low cost Menu Button allows the player to access a game menu in a very easy to understand and intuitive way. This has already been done on many games in the past, but use of the Menu button will become the focal point for future Wizard’s Arcade updates. As new updates add more ingredients, I will be able to show how the entire recipe (Big Picture) works. Stay Tuned for future updates!

Next update, I will post Ingredient #2- The Tap &Tip Feature.