Wizard’s Arcade Update #4

“Wizard’s Arcade” Update #4:

Tap Pass Youtube Video

The Tap & Tip Feature

My last post showed how Wizard’s Arcade pinball machine uses a menu button to the front of cabinet. In addition to the menu button, each cabinet side will have two buttons. The regular flipper button (in it’s usual place) will be supplemented with a second button placed next to the flipper button. These buttons will be used for the tap and tip features. This is ingredient #2 in my overall recipe.

The tip & tip feature allows all players to ‘tap’ and ‘tip’ the ball with ease. See video for demonstrations of these features. This feature is targeted toward beginner and intermediate players who haven’t mastered their tap and tip skills yet.

The Tap- When the tap button is pressed and the flipper is off, the computer energizes the flipper for a short pulse, just long enough to make a tap pass to the other flipper.

The Tip- If the flipper is already on, then the computer briefly de-energies the coil, resulting in a tip. A “Tip” helps stop a moving ball on the flipper.

Draw Shot- Pressing the Flipper and Tap buttons at the same time (from an off state) has the computer make a Draw Shot by making a two pulse shot. This is a quick On, Off, then On (and stays on). The result causes a slight draw (slightly curving toward the same side of game as the flipper that made the shot) on the ball path.

So, with the addition of two five dollar cabinet buttons, all players of all skill levels can transfer the ball from flipper to flipper like a pro player.

Next Wizard’s Arcade update (post #5), will be Ingredient #3- The Main Menu.