The Pinball Arcade is Releasing Gottlieb’s Rescue 911

I am please to announce that The Pinball Arcade is releasing Gottlieb’s Rescue 911.


I designed the game rules for this title (As I did with most Gottlieb 90s games) I usually designed better rule sets for other designer’s games than my own because I could dedicate 100% of my effort to the game rules rather than split my attention between the game rules and playfield layout.

Rescue was a popular action TV show, hosted by William Shatner.

Game Release Date- Spring 1994

Here are the full design credits for Rescue 911:

Playfield Design- Bill Parker (His first Design)

Game Rule and Feature Design- Jon Norris

Backglass and Cabinet Art- Constantino Mitchell

Playfield Art- Constantino Mitchell and David Moore

Plastic Shield Art- David Moore

Music Composition- Duane Decker

Sound Design- Craig Beierwaltes

Animation Dsign- Daryl Moore and Alycen Hareas

Game Software- Bob Wilson

Animation Software- Rand Paulin

About The Pinball Arcade (TPA)- All pinball enthusiasts should support their effort to bring our favorite pinball games to our electronic devices. In my opinion, TPA is the chief reason for the current pinball renaissance. They have brought great games to all (from Hard Core Gamers and Casual Players) and shown them how awesome pinball is!

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