Wizard’s Arcade Update #9- First Shot Map- Playfield Overview

This is the first shot map in a series of updates with shot maps. Today’s shot map is basically an overview of the playfield. Most of the game’s main shots are fairly obvious:



About this layout- Let’s go back to the year 1998. In that year, Sega Pinball wanted a notable project that could steal some of the thunder from Williams upcoming Pinball 2000 concept. I was asked to create a dedicated tournament game that was “8-Ball Deluxe with Multiball and a Magic 8-Ball toy”. This project was basically more like a concept car at a car show that will never see production. That game was Golden Cue. The “Tournament” game rules were never finished. No traditional game rules were ever created for the game.

I took a serious approach, that I wanted to design a viable, producible game and designed both tournament game rules and traditional mode based game rules. After taking the game to a couple of shows, Sega Pinball the project was placed into mothballs (As Expected). A year later, the decision was made to take Golden Cue and rework the design. But, the project was taken away from me and reassigned to another designer. This was the beginning of the end for me at Stern Pinball (Unknown to me at the time).

Wizard’s Arcade is the playfield that I would have made from the modified Golden Cue, had I been allowed to finish the game.

To give the theme a (2016) contemporary feel, I replaced the billiards theme with that of a Bar-Arcade. The game now features: Pinball, Billiards, Foosball, Shuffleboard, Quick Hoops, Space Invaders style video game, and Air Hockey. I will discuss all of these features in future updates.

For the billiards part, I took the Cue Ball from Cue Ball Wizard and placed 8 separate elevated pool balls as targets. The player must hit the Cue Ball and have it hit an elevated pool ball to sink it (Just like real pool). The pinball will pass under the pool ball targets. The Cue Ball has two resting spots so that all pinball shots are possible (Right resting spot blocks the Right Orbit Shot and the left resting spot blocks the Air Hockey shot.

The layout here is a standard width design, however I do also have a 23” wide body version that adds a couple of new shots, provides three resting spots for the Cue Ball, and adds an upper right flipper (The 7-bank is replaced to make room for the added flipper). Both designs have a good balance of flow and of target shooting. The toy (Cue Ball) is very inexpensive and the game rule set is absolutely stunning! Stay tuned for future updates, where I will talk about the games features with shot maps.