Wizards Arcade Update #10- Choreographed Animatronics

Wizard’s Arcade Update # 10- Choreographed Animatronics

Wizard’s Arcade will be designed to have three versions: Street, Deluxe, and Collectors Editions. The Deluxe and Collectors editions both include 9 choreographed animatronics puppets. Click on Photo to Enlarge.


Today’s shot map shows the “Deluxe” version, complete with a 7-position drop target bank, Playfield LCD, Choreographed Animated Puppets for: Mazman (Pac Man), Monkey Kong (Donkey Kong), and Space Invasion (Space Invaders) Features, and Menu Feature that includes a Player Adjustable Volume Control (Slot Machine Style) and Player Access to Several Different Sets of Game Rules.

The street version (not shown) replaces the drop targets with stand up targets, deletes the playfield LCD (Same info is shown on digital backglass anyway), Static (non-animated) Dolls instead of Choreographed Animated Puppets, and the “Menu” button becomes a “Tavern Tournament” button. The street edition (like Stern’s “Pro” series) is a basic, bare-bones version of game that is more reliable than the fancier deluxe/collectors editions. The “Street” version is a good choice for route operators.

All versions have standard “Tap” buttons (next to Flipper buttons), digital backglass (Landscape 1080p monitor), elevated pool balls (8), four Pop Bumpers, and three Flippers. The standard game rules are also the same on all versions since stand up targets perform the same function as the drop targets they replace. Player can still access game menu on Street Version using the Flipper buttons.

Animatronics Details-

Wizard’s Arcade (Deluxe and Collector’s Edition Versions) includes nine puppets: Pac Man (1), Donkey Kong (1), and Space Invaders (7). These Video Game Characters will Dance, Interact with the Player, and add Life to Game. The Donkey Kong Monkey will raise his thumb and or smile when you do something great and he will also stomp and dance when you play Monkey Kong. The Pac Man will move her mouth as you gobble up dots in the maze (Pop Bumper Hits). She will also turn and watch (follow) the ball at times. Finally, the seven Space Invaders will dance in unison or separately during Base Game and Space Invasion mode, creating quite a spectacle.

Finally, The game rules and play script are complete! I’m still working on the flowchart and Voice Over/Animatronics script. I am in no hurry to finish since I want things done correctly. (A Luxury I never had when working in Pinball!)

Wizard’s Arcade will have the best rule set I ever designed!

I’m getting ready to actually begin construction of the game! I am looking for a Sharkey’s Shootout in the Las Vegas area to use as the Foundation for Wizard’s Arcade. Why Sharkey’s? Because this playfield has almost everything that I need, including the drop target back, three flippers, and up-posts. I will still need to add one more Pop Bumper and several stand-up switches.