Wizards Arcade Update- Help Screens

I have been busy creating the placeholder art for the help screens. I have decided to use slot machine style help screens for Wizard’s Arcade. With Slot machines, these pages are required because slots are regulated and must give players detailed information regarding game play. But, giving highly detailed information to the player about how the game rules operate is also a great benefit to all players who are trying to learn a Pinball Machine.

I have over 50 help pages with three main tabs: General, Base Game, and Modes. The player can open the game rules during game over/attract and when the ball is sitting in the shooter lane during play by pressing the “Menu” button. (Shooting the ball immediately closes the help screens and game returns to the Skill Shot screen)

You will be able to page through each page by pressing the flipper button (Red buttons) or jump to next tab by pressing the white secondary cabinet buttons (White buttons). Pressing the “Menu” button or pressing both flipper buttons at the same time will close the help screens. They will also time-out with 60 seconds of inactivity.