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Super Lines-

Volatility is the term used when describing risk/reward with Slot machines. If the game has multiple pay lines, the player can reduce the game’s volatility by playing more lines.

For example, if I’m playing a penny slot with 40 lines, it will cost me 40 cents to play all 40 lines. (Each pay line will pay at 1x) If I play the same game with 20 lines and double my bet, then each of those pay lines will now pay at 2x. Finally, I play that game with 10 lines at 4x bet. This is higher volatility. When I’m playing 10 lines at 4x, I don’t win as often, but my wins are much larger.

So I must sacrifice my chances of winning to be able to win big amounts.

With Super Lines, two volatilities are combined on each base game spin by having two different pay line multipliers active on the same base game spin. What this does is gives the player many small wins, since most lines are played at 1x, but the player also have the opportunity to get an occasional large win on a “Super Line”.

Lets take the same 40-cent bet from above, but lines 1, 2, 3, and 4 (Super Lines) pay at 4x, while lines 5 thru 30 pay at 1x. Now I can play a lot of lines and still get a larger win from time-to-time when a super line hits.

Super Lines by Jon Norris.

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