Pinball Race Tournament Concept

Pinball Race Tournament:

More accurately, this concept is really a “Time Trial” tournament.

1-    The object is to achieve a specific score as quickly as possible.

2-    A stopwatch is used to time the game. The scorekeeper starts the stopwatch when the first point is scored. When the player passes the target score, the timer is stopped and the time is recorded.

3-    The player who gets the shortest time (or sum of all times if more than one game) wins the tournament.

Note 1- Playfield feature objective completion can be used instead of achieving a score.


When using this format, run a tournament by:

1-    Set the game to 5 balls per game.

2-    Place game in tournament mode (if available).

3-    Have a scorekeeper monitor the game with a stopwatch.

4-    Try to use a threshold score that can be achieved during a well played two to three-minute game. If using an objective instead of a score threshold, choose a feature that can be completed in less than three minutes.

5-    If player ends the game (5 Balls) without completing score/objective, then “They Did Not Finish Race”

6-    The scorekeeper stops the stopwatch when the player crosses the threshold, lets the player know and ends the game. The scorekeeper records that time.

7- If scorekeepers aren’t available, then players will have to keep their own times.

8- The ideal tournament would have ten different pinball machines. All players would play one game on each machine and add their times together.

Pinball Race Tournament by Jon Norris