The Pinball Sprint

My last blog entry discussed the “Pinball Race”, a new concept for tournament or league play, The object is to complete either a score threshold or playfield objective with the shortest time possible. Using that concept, the player continued until they accomplished the goal, then recorded the time it took to get there.

Here is a similar concept, but this concept gives the player a fixed amount of time and they try to score as many points as possible during that time.

The small change is to set a time, let’s say two minutes and allow the player to have unlimited balls. (If you lose a ball, you are penalized due to the time it takes to serve another ball out and shoot it into play)

The game can have a unique rule set that is optimized for this concept, such as lighting a specific scoring feature or lighting a last 30 second high score target, etc.

Ready, Set, Go!

When the time ends, the flippers die, but the balls remain in play until it enters the drain. All Pop Bumpers, Slingshots, etc. remaining active.

A small change, but this change allows league and tournament directors to plan on how long it will take to play, since they can process one player each three minutes per game (two minutes of play and one minute to record the score and queue the next player)

Try this with your next league meet, or use as a playoff tie-breaker.